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Art South Africa is on the move, experimental, provocative, intelligent, Art South Africa today sees itself a vehicle that celebrates Africa’s future-present. Always optimistic – even at the heart of a dark reflection – Art South Africa conjures possibility, champions dreams and tracks innovation; inspired by a world-wide transformation in communications, business models, design thinking, and art practice, Art South Africa is here to show and tell us about the positive outcomes of risk-taking. Focused on African culture, creativity and the arts in general while holding onto its core market – the visual arts – Art South Africa understands that life is meaningless without dreams, tastes hollow without love, and viewpoints pretentious if not profoundly felt. Fusing great heart with great mind proves the greatest challenge; Art South Africa delivers this vision.

Art South Africa works across multiple platforms; print, digital and online.

  • Print publication (quarterly): a space for critical reflection and debate compiled into a collectable publication; an invaluable archive on the contemporary arts in Africa.
  • Digital edition (monthly): with up-to-date news and reviews, broadening the platforms on which Art South Africa reaches it’s audience.
  • Art South Africa newsletter (weekly): provides its audience with current and exclusive information on the contemporary art scene, keeping them connected with happenings in the creative industries.
  • www.artsouthafrica.com: an integral part of constructing a new African network, linking the different elements of Art South Africa to form a creative hub connecting people across the world.
  • Social Media: an integrated approach providing content that talks to the vision of Art South Africa, effectively used to build its creative network.
  • Art South Africa is committed to developing the creative industries through its services, include video, digital publishing and book publishing.

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