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William Kentridge’s travelling show, Five Themes will run at Jeu de Paume — Place de la Concorde in Paris, France from 29 June 2010 — 05 September 2010.
Kendell Geers in DOMINÓ CANÍBAL at Sala Verónicas 8 July at 20h00 .

Kentridge opens at Jeu de Paume and the Louvre in Paris
William Kentridge’s travelling show, Five Themes will run at Jeu de Paume — Place de la Concorde in Paris, France from 29 June 2010 — 05 September 2010

The exhibition features 40 works by Kentridge — including animated
films, drawings, prints, theatre models, sculptures and books — and is
curated by Mark Rosenthal, adjunct curator at the Norton Museum of Art,
in collaboration with the artist. Five Themes brings visitors
up to date with the South African artist’s work over the past decade,
examining how his subject matter has evolved from the specific context
of his homeland to more universal stories.


Book signing with William Kentridge at Jeu de Paume bookstore
Tuesday 29 June, 6 pm
Conversation between William Kentridge and Denis Hirson, writer, in the auditorium
Tuesday 29 June, 7 pm
“Le temps, un processus de création chez William
Kentridge”: thematic tour by a Jeu de Paume lecturer
Tuesday 27 July, 7 pm
“Les événements politiques dans l’oeuvre de Bruno
Serralongue et William Kentridge”: thematic tour* by a Jeu de Paume lecturer
Tuesday 24 August, 7 pm

Scheduled to coincide with Five Themes at Jeu de Paume,
drawings by Kentridge will be presented in the Salle d’Actualité of the
Department of Graphic Arts in the Louvre, alongside a selection of
drawings from the institution’s collections.

Ancient Egypt is a theme that first appeared in Kentridge’s work in
2004, in preparation for his staging of Mozart’s comic opera, The Magic
Flute. The invitation extended by the Louvre provides an opportunity for
the artist to re-explore the world of ancient Egypt, but also to delve
into the Napoleonic campaigns of the late eighteenth century.

Titled Carnets d’Egypte (Egyptian Sketchbook), the exhibition will run from 1 July — 30 August 2010.

Kendell Geers in DOMINÓ CANÍBAL at Sala Verónicas
Kendell Geers’ participation in the exhibition project DOMINÓ
CANÍBAL — staged solely in the 18th century convent church Sala
Verónicas in Spain over a period of twelve months — will officially
begin July 2010. The exhibition, which was facilitated by Proyecto Arte
Contemporáneo (PAC) Murcia, entails each
artist creating his/her work based on what was created by the preceding
artist, either destroying it, appropriating or reinterpreting it. Using
the game of dominos as a departure point, Mexican curator Cuauhtémoc
Medina conceptualised the show to reflect on the migratory route of the
game as well as its varied associations.

Medina explains that ‘the idea behind the project has to do with
positing an alternative model for an art festival, different from
biennials, museums and site-specific interventions, placing it in a
territory of practical continuities and discontinuities between artists
and creative displacements.’

The year-long exhibition began with the eerie mixed-media constructions
of American sculptor, essayist and poet Jimmie Durham, which were then
barbecued in the gardens of the Malecon by confrontational Spanish
artist Cristina Lucas. The Bruce High Quality Foundation (BHQF)
— a collective of anonymous New York based artists dedicated to an
apparently dead sculptor — created a looping video driven by Chris
Marker’s film Sans Soleil.

This July, Geers will take over Sala Verónicas and intervene the BHQF’s
efforts as well as the remnants of previous works. Geers intends to
recreate the spirit of Lady Godiva, who legendarily rode naked through
the streets of Coventry, in England in a protest against the oppressive
taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. ‘The naked protest,’
Geers explains, ‘stands in stark contrast with the laws of decency and
social etiquette, a transgression that has ever since been etched into
the annals of urban legend and the imaginations of artists. As I have
been invited to devour Jimmie Durham, Cristina Lucas and Bruce High
Quality Foundation, I have in turn invited performance artist and
collaborateur Ilse Ghekiere to invoke the spirit of Lady Godiva as a
virus within my space as well as those that might in turn follow her.’

Geers will, in turn, be devoured by Tania Bruguera (September 24th),
Rivane Neuenschwander (November 12th) and Francis Alÿs (December 17th).


Cuauhtémoc Medina, Kendell Geers and Pedro Ortuño
7 July at 20h00

8 July at 20h00

Saturdays 12h00, pre booking at 968 219 099

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