Junior Writers’ Course

Unlock your child’s imagination with an introduction to creative writing — a four-day holiday course that explores the four pillars of storytelling.

From the Press Release: “Individual attention will ensure stimulation combined with theory, craft combined with creativity. The course has been designed for kids in Grade 8 and upwards. Course date: 4-7 July 2011 Time: 9h00 to 12h30 each day. Course fees: R1 500. Venue: Parkview. Course facilitators: Helen Webster and Mandy Collins. If you’re looking for creative ways to occupy your child/ren during the upcoming holidays, contact Trish on 082 652 4643 or via e-mail Each 3½ hour session looks at one of the four pillars of narrative writing, followed by some ‘out of the box’ exercises that will get your creative juices flowing. Session 1: Voice: The journey to finding your own voice as a writer and some ‘how to’ advice for silencing your inner critic. Session 2: Character: How to create characters that aren’t cardboard cut-outs — getting to know your character intimately so you can predict how they will behave in your story. Session 3: Plot: Plot is structure, and structure is choice — it’s about how you choose to unveil various aspects of your story. Session 4: Setting: Deciding where and when your story will take place, and learning to paint pictures for your reader using all five of your — and their — senses. Run by internationally published author, Jo-Anne Richards, and award-winning scriptwriter Richard Beynon, Allaboutwriting offers online and face-to-face courses for anyone with a passion for writing — fiction or non-fiction. Helen Webster is a qualified English teacher who believes that the stimulation of imagination and the support of independent thinking are critical to a student’s success in life. She has written two screen plays and is busy with her first novel. Mandy Collins is something of a one-stop writing shop, and has been writing professionally for two decades. She is passionate about teaching both the art and craft of writing and loves to nurture creativity in children.”