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A closer look at the art of buying art with Investec at the 2019 Investec Cape Town Art Fair

For this year’s art fair, Investec has partnered with award-winning South African artist Karyn Wiggill, to create an intricate range of miniature artworks, all of which fit into a small red dot. These 16mm x 16mm artworks communicate a series of interesting facts about the art world. These miniatures will be on display on the Investec wall at the walkabout meeting point. Together with an informative Investec brochure and a magnifying glass, all visitors will be able to a closer look at each piece, learning more about the art of buying art.



©Karyn Wiggle


Art can be simultaneously moving, challenging and daunting. Behind every piece lies a myriad of considerations. The brochure will guide art fans in the language of art. Learning the jargon of the art world is important if you wish to become a collector. Not only does it immerse you in the experience but understanding the nuances of a piece based on what is said about it can go a long way in helping you make informed decisions.


©Karyn Wiggle


The brochure includes information such as how to research artists and which genre to choose from to tips on buying art as an investment and how to care for the art piece once it is yours – making it your go-to guide on the art of buying art.

Investec Head of Marketing South Africa, Danni Dixon, says, “Our role is to help you make an informed decision when purchasing art. What’s behind that red dot and what makes the artwork so valuable? It’s a complex and intricate process – an art in itself. There’s so much to consider, which is where we come in. We’ll help you navigate this world and give insight into the precursors leading to a purchase, so that next time maybe it’ll be your proud red dot stuck on the gallery wall.


©Keryn Wiggle


The Investec wall will be on display at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair from 15th till 17th of February.

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