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At this point in history, we face a barrage of crises; we are bombarded on a daily basis with bad news. It may seem that those responsible for destruction outnumber those striving to make a positive and lasting change, but 100 GOOD IDEAS: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy is evidence to the contrary. An officially recognised World Design Capital project (#WDC212) created by Art South Africa’s Brendon Bell-Roberts, this book has been received to wide acclaim and bears testament to the power of positive stories.

By assembling an inspiring collection of ideas, this glossy 416-page coffee table book seeks to encompass a collective vision that is driven by creativity, sustainability, and the desire to make a conscious and positive change.
Centred around the people, organisations, inventions, and contributions that seek to make a tangible and imaginative difference to their own lives and the lives of others, 100 GOOD IDEAS is actually little more than a bare-boned, all-too-human commitment to goodness. A true celebration of the spirit of Ubuntu!
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100 GOOD IDEAS sticker in Cape Town
Aptly dedicated to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 100 GOOD IDEAS is evidence of the human capacity for hope, love, innovation, and transformation. By bringing together people who have risen up to meet these challenges head on, it tells the GOOD news and the GOOD stories, proving just how much we have to be proud of in South Africa.
The GUILD Design Fair calls it, “a fabulous, feel-good book that celebrates 20 years of democracy in South Africa. With a cheeky mantra, ‘In Good We Trust’, it’s a must-have addition to any culture-lover’s library!”
Marie Claire SA invites us to, “flip through it to see how innovation and creativity have already transformed Cape Town and the rest of the country”.
Also a World Design Capital 2014 project, 100 GOOD IDEAS “confidently shows what we are capable of in South Africa. Our future depends on inspiring and supporting our talented people, and [this book] does just that.” (Jon Foster of the Henley Business School Africa)
Brendon Bell-Roberts interviewing Y Tsai for the ‘What If… / GOOD IDEAS collaboration
The book has already garnered quite a lot of attention! We have recently collaborated with the World Design Capital on their “What If…” campaign and Brendon made an interview appearance on the Expresso Morning Show.
Have a look at these inspiring interviews here:
To keep up to date with more news, interviews, and exciting ideas, follow 100 GOOD IDEAS on Facebook and Twitter.
According to The Cape Times, “This book belongs in all of our school libraries, hotels, guest houses, and proudly South African corporate head offices,” and we couldn’t agree more!
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100 GOOD IDEAS featured in Elle Magazine
100 GOOD IDEAS makes the perfect gift for clients, partners, family and friends and is the ideal book for your offices and waiting rooms.
To celebrate the success of the book, we would like to offer you these special gifting packages:
OFFER1: Order between 1 and 10 books – 5% discount
OFFER2: Order between 12 and 25 books – 10% discount
OFFER3: Order 50+ books – 15% discount!
EXTRAS: We also offer a tip in page, or wraparound band, should you wish to include one. The tip in page will be included after the front cover, while the wraparound band will be around the outside of the book. Both are designed and branded according to your specifications. This cost will be included in your final invoice and is relative to the number of books ordered.
We do hope that you’ll take advantage of this special opportunity, and use the books as a valuable resource to promote positive change in South Africa!
“Good ideas contain unfathomable journeys. Good ideas exceed those who generate them. Good ideas are for the greater good… Good ideas are good because they can be connected to other good ideas.”
– from the foreword by Ashraf Jamal.

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