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Art South Africa in conversation with Galia Gluckman, exhibiting with Salon91 at the Cape Town Art Fair (25 – 27 Oct).

1) Art South Africa: You are described as an Israeli-born, South African-raised artist who has worked in London and New York; how has living in South Africa and abroad influenced your work?
Galia Gluckman: I believe that travel and getting out my comfort zone of being home, has shaped my perception of, and my position in the world. Living in cities like London and New York enabled me to explore the museums, & galleries that inspired me in my formative years. The different styles of architecture and of the natural landscape, in both countries, has been equally influential. South Africa has made me who I am.  Having grown up in Durban, my use of colour is the most evident influence that can be seen in my work. 
GG summer
2) ASA: Can you give us an insight into your process and choice of materials? How important is materiality in your works?
GG: I use paper to create my artworks. I paint the paper using acrylic paints, use coloured cardboard and recycled paper shopping bags. The paper is cut and pasted onto plywood board. After many layers of paper, I finally seal the artwork with a sealant to allow durability. My choice of material is always paper. I enjoy the repetitive cutting and pasting technique.
GG levi
3) ASA: You call yourself a ‘Green Artist’, can you explain what this means to you?
GG: I used to only use discarded paper from old magazines. I like the concept of creating art from materials that would have been discarded.  Recently, I have moved away from using magazine paper as the quality of the ink used for the magazine paper can fade. The only recycled aspect to my work these days are paper shopping bags and the plywood boards.
city scape square
4) ASA: Some of your works are clearly landscapes while others have a more abstract quality – how do you see the two working together? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
GG: Most of my works have their inspirational “roots” in nature. I am also very interested in architectural landscapes. What has developed naturally and honestly, is the moving away from the semi abstract towards abstraction. I almost zoom in more, my work has become somewhat pixelated. I see my personal evolution influencing my work. 
GG migration
5) ASA: Which works of yours you will be exhibiting at the Salon91 stand at The Cape Town Art Fair? How did you select the works to show at the Fair?
GG: I will be exhibiting 8 works at the Cape Town Art Fair with Salon 91.  Monique, who is the owner of Salon 91, helped curate the works she felt most suitable. She has chosen dramatic, abstract works. The works being exhibited represent where I am today as an artist.

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