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1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair returns to Marrakech from the 9th until the 12th of February 2023.

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the leading international art fair dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and the African diaspora, is delighted to announce the return of 1-54 Marrakech at La Mamounia hotel, recently voted the Best Hotel in the World by Condé Nast Traveller. The fourth edition on the African continent will take place from 9-12 February 2023.

The 2023 Marrakech edition will welcome 20 exhibitors, including eight galleries from the African continent (four of which are based in Morocco), and 12 galleries which will participate at 1-54 Marrakech for the first time.

1-54 Marrakech will be accompanied by an ambitious programme of events in partnership with local institutions from Jajjah by Hassan Hajjaj, MACAAL (Musée d’Art Contemporain Africain Al Maaden), MAP Marrakech (Musée des Arts de la Parure), Malhoun 2.0 and Al Maqam (artists’ residence) among others.

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire / Dakar, Senegal / Paris, France)

Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux, La levée de rideau sur le Plateau de Dakar, 2022. Oil on canvas, 255 x 195cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Cécile Fakhoury (Abidjan, Dakar, Paris).

Presenting: Aboudia, Mariam Abouzid Souali, Yo-Yo Gonthier, Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux, and Rachel Marsil.

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is an international contemporary art gallery originating in West Africa. The gallery promotes contemporary art from Africa and the Diaspora by providing visibility to the artistic diversity and creative spirit of the continent. Through its programming of solo and group exhibitions, participation in international art fairs, biennales, and collaboration with other international galleries Cecile Fakhoury is a leading force putting contemporary African art on the global map. 

The artists represented by the gallery are distinguished by their cultural identities and stories. They create a new language that crosses geographical boundaries and familiarities. They are observers of the world they live in, critics of society, and committed to their positions living within complex histories. In return, they ask us to
reconsider our own relation to the world.

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury opened its doors in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in September 2012. In May 2018, the gallery inaugurated its second space in Dakar, Senegal and a showroom in Paris, France. Shortly after, in March 2020, a new project space dedicated to emerging artists from Africa opened in Abidjan. In October 2021, Galerie Cécile Fakhoury inaugurated its third gallery, opening in the 8th arrondissement of Paris on Avenue Matignon.

For more information, please visit Galerie Cécile Fakhoury.

Ed Cross (London, United Kingdom)

Abdulrazaq Awofeso, Esho, 2022. Pallet wood, acrylic paint, 63 x 46 x 4cm. Courtesy of the artist and Ed Cross.

Presenting: Abdulrazag Awosefo

Ed Cross works with emerging and established artists across and beyond the African diaspora. The gallery seeks to stage conversations – between practitioners, international audiences and as guided by its artists – to amplify voices historically silenced, and to create space for their independent development. Since launching in 2009, Ed Cross has held exhibitions across the world: from New York to Paris, and London to Lagos, the gallery continues to build on its values of cooperation and curiosity in its new permanent space at 19 Garrett Street, London.

For more information, please visit Ed Cross.

THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE (Lisbon, Portugal / Luanda, Angola)

Maya-Inès Touam, Masque et Agathe, 2020. Fine Art print on Hahnemühle paper, 64 x 80cm. Courtesy of the Artist and THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE.

Presenting: Mayé-Ines Tounam

THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE is an international contemporary art gallery with exhibition spaces in Luanda, Angola, and Lisbon, Portugal. Representing and collaborating with international established and emerging artists, the gallery’s programme focuses on relevant and powerful narratives and discussions associated with the African continent and its diaspora. Despite the profound connection with Africa, it is the first Contemporary African gallery in Portugal that focuses not exclusively on Lusophone circles but also the emerging aesthetics of cultural and artistic productions from the Global South. The gallery maintains a regular and significant presence at important international art fairs.

For more information, please visit THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE.

La Galerie 38 (Casablanca, Morocco)

Barthélémy Toguo, Sans titre, 2019. Ink on canvas, 140 x 200cm. Courtesy of the artist and La Galerie 38.

Presenting: Abdoulaye Konaté, Barthélémy Toguo, Soly Cissé, and Siriki Ky.

La Galerie 38 was born Casablanca, 2010, when two art lovers met, Fihr Kettani and Mohamed Chaoui El Faiz. Located in the heart of Studio des Arts Vivants – a private cultural centre that also houses the School of Performing Arts and a theatre. Since its inception, it has worked to promote urban and contemporary art. La Galerie 38 represents renowned African and international artists and highlights their visions in various plastic forms.

A natural incubator for emerging talents, the gallery offers them a space for expression and creativity without limits. It invites reflection and contemplation through its in situ programming and participation in major international art fairs. La Gallery 38, convinced that art is the best way to bring together women and men from all over the world, contributes to writing the story of artistic modernity in Morocco and beyond its borders.

For more information, please visit La Galerie 38.

Foreign Agent (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Nicolas Coleman, Café Bar in Tangier. Oil on wood panel, 76 x 61cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Presenting: Nicolas Lambelet Coleman

Foreign Agent is a contemporary art gallery based in Lausanne, Switzerland. They showcase emerging and established contemporary artists and designers from Africa and the Diaspora in a uniquely curated afro-futuristic environment featuring young talent and some of the hottest designers from the continent.  They organise 6 shows per year at the gallery, additional Artsy online exclusives and present at international art fairs such as 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, PAD, AKAA, and Unseen, amongst others. Foreign Agent is also the Big Brother of Little Agent, a concept store with unique and carefully selected must-have pieces which will elevate your Afropolitan style.

For more information, please visit Foreign Agent.

Superposition Gallery (Miami Beach, United States)

Ambrose Rhapsody Murray, sipping clear rain from a trumpet flower, 2023. Cyanotype on silks, glass beads, 373.38 x 261.62cm. Courtesy of Superposition Gallery.

Presenting: Ambrose Rhapsody Murray

A socially conscious approach to contemporary art with a focus on borrowed space. Superposition Gallery was founded in 2018 by artist and curator, Storm Ascher. The gallery represents emerging and mid-career and established artists from around the globe with a focus of creating community.

Taking on the life of the nomadic artist and resident, curatorial projects come to fruition through iterations of borrowed space in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami and internationally.

For more information, please visit Superposition Gallery.

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