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Ricky Lee Gordon, AKA Freddy Sam, has been selected as one of 25 artists from around the world to participate in a unique artists retreat in Thailand.

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This January, twenty-five artists from all around the world practicing different artistic disciplines will spend two weeks at the Muktawan Sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated at the top of one of the Islands on the southern coast of Thailand. They will meditate guided by Thai Teaching Monks and create artworks forming the ‘Samädhi – Santi Collection of Contemporary Art ‘ which will be exhibited and presented in Bangkok at the Exhibition Opening Event on January 31st. The Collection of Contemporary Art is then expected to be exhibited in art galleries around the World.
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The Meditation Retreat will take place January 14th -­ 26th at the Muktawan Sanctuary, situated at the top of one of the Islands on Thailand’s southern coast. The artists will spend two weeks practising yoga and meditation, while receiving lessons from Thai Teaching Monks and guest lecturers, such as Nicholas Fox Weber. The rest of their personal time will be dedicated for artistic creation.
Four days after the Artists come back to Bangkok (Friday January 31st), the Opening Ceremony at the gallery will officially inaugurate the exhibition of The Samadhi-­Santi Collection of Contemporary Art at a private event. On Saturday February 1st, the exhibition will be open to the general public.
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The twenty-­five artist-participants of the Meditation Artistic Retreat have been carrying out a 42-­day Online Meditation and Self-Development Program in order to train their meditation and concentration skills, therefore being able to take the best of the Retreat from the very first moment. The application process opened August 2013 and closed on 31 September 2013, having collected four hundred applications from eighty-­two different countries. Thus, the selective and exhaustive process of shortlisting 25 candidates from these 400 ensures the high level of the artists participating in the Project.
The artworks create will form part of The Samädhi–Santi Collection of Contemporary Art; “Samädhi” is the Sanskrit term for “Meditation” and “Santi” means “Peace” in the Pali language. The twenty-­five artists will work during the two weeks at the Meditation Retreat to create artworks following the same theme and mission: Giving shape to the feelings and deep emotions that come from finding inner peace through meditation practice, with the ultimate aim of spreading a message of peace and tolerance through Contemporary Art.
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Images and press release courtesy of Miguel Cano, Artistic Director of Peace Revolution

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