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Could you be the one South African to be chosen to work with Kevin Spacey in Jameson First Shot? Winners from South Africa, USA & Russia of Jameson First Shot will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to direct Kevin Spacey and work with his award winning production company

Talent is the order of the day when it comes to the short film competition Jameson First Shot. For one creative scriptwriter/director from South Africa, they will have the opportunity to work with highly acclaimed actor, Kevin Spacey, and his company, Trigger Street Productions. Designed to discover talented screenwriters and directors from Russia, South Africa and the USA, Jameson First Shot comes with an incredible prize where one winner from each country will have their script made into a short film by Trigger Street Productions, starring Kevin Spacey. “One winner from each country will then enjoy a prize like no other as they fly to LA to shoot their script and direct Kevin Spacey, all with the backing of his award winning production company,” comments Seth Pereira, Marketing Manager for Jameson South Africa. “The final three films will be voted on by the public to decide the overall winner of the Jameson First Shot competition. We would like to see a South African win this overall prize, so entries are critical.” Talented South African film-makers looking for their big break are invited to submit a script up to seven pages long onto www.jamesonfirstshot.com. Inspired by the theme of a legendary, humorous or very tall tale, the shortlist will be judged by an expert team including Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, President of Trigger Street Productions (‘The Social Network and ’21’). The nominees will then go through to the next round, where they will show their directing skills by shooting a scene supplied by Trigger Street. “This truly is an exciting competition, we want to open it up and give emerging talent the opportunity to be mentored by one of Hollywood’s biggest names,” remarks Pereira.When asked about the initiative Kevin Spacey commented, “I want to give talented people out there a shot at reaching their goals for the first time. Jack Lemmon once said to me — ‘If you’re doing well, send the elevator back down’. I’ve done incredibly well and it’s because the material I found early in my career was from first-time writers, first-time directors, first-time playwrights. If it weren’t for that talent I wouldn’t have a career. So if one person gets a break then the competition has been successful.”

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