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Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town will host and exhibition of these posters in the annex from 27 August to 30 September 2012

Ernest Mancoba, painter and sculptor, was born in South Africa in 1904 and died in Paris in 2002. He left for Paris in 1938 and returned for the first time 56 years later in 1994. Although he spent 64 years living outside of South Africa, he drew deeply on South African visual arts and heritage as references in his work.

The EMEPP is the education outreach of the exhibition: In the name of all humanity, the African spiritual expression of Ernest Mancoba which ran at the Gold of Africa Museum 2006/07. The EMEPP took information about Ernest Mancoba in the form of posters and films to an audience of teachers, artists and students in 17 peri-urban and rural workshops across the 9 provinces of South Africa during 2010 and 2011. Art making was also taught by a team of experienced black artists.

The collective, hard working and joyful spirit of the workshops was captured in a series of photographs by Somali film-maker and photographer Abdulkadir Ahmed Said. These photographs will be on exhibition from 27 August to 30 September 2012 at the Annexe Gallery along with some of the educational materials used.

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