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Benin artist launches crowdfunding campaign for transmedia artwork


The courtroom in the former Justice Hall of Dakar. Courtesy of Emo de Medeiras.The courtroom in the former Justice Hall of Dakar. Courtesy of Emo de Medeiros.


Emo de Medeiros has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance his interactive installation at Dak’Art 2018. He will be presenting a new transmedia artwork, entitled )U(. The artwork will be about the relation between the “I” and social “me”.

De Medeiros lives and works in Cotonou, Benin and Paris. His work is based on a single concept, contexture, which emphasises ‘transculturalness’, interconnection, transformation, hybridisation and circulation of forms, myths and merchandises in a post-colonial, globalised and digitalised world.


Proposed artwork. Image-credit: Hugo Sibut-PinoteProposed Installation. Image-credit: Hugo Sibut-Pinote


Dak’Art is the longest running biennale showcasing contemporary African art. The biennale was conceived as a collaboration between the Senegalese state and local artists. Dak’Art supports innovative artists that reflect the current world we live in.

The installation will be in one of the old courtrooms found in the former Palais de Justice. A lot of equipment will be needed to create the installation: multiple mirrors, projectors, monitors, CCTV systems, neon sculptures triggered by motion detectors and a polyphonic soundtrack.


Proposed instillation. Image-credit: Hugo Sibut-PinoteProposed installation. Image-credit: Hugo Sibut-Pinote


If you would like to support Emo’s artwork, please check out his Kickstarter campaign here.

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