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Ellerman House is excited to announce the opening of its highly anticipated Ellerman House Wine Gallery and a second luxury villa to be known as Villa Two.

Integrating outstanding contemporary architecture with breathtaking sculpture and cutting-edge design, the new wine gallery is not only a showcase for Ellerman House’s extensive, award-winning South African wine collection but offers guests a unique, interactive journey into the world of wine.
 Ellerman House
The Wine Gallery
More like a work of art than merely a cellar, the wine gallery provides sophisticated storage in state-of-the-art wine racks and temperature-controlled subterranean cellars for a 7500-strong collection of vintage and rare wines. The handcrafted nature of South Africa’s finest wines and the organic shape of grapevines are reflected in the use of natural, earthy materials – wood, granite, metal, carbon – polished, sculpted, carved or left raw to reveal the innate, intrinsic beauty of each element. Besides being an inspiring, experiential space in which to taste wine, the gallery includes an interactive multi-media wine library, maturation cellars for white and red wines, and a brandy tasting lounge. A special feature is a Champagne Cellar, stocked exclusively with rare and special vintages of Dom Perignon. Ellerman House has also devised a wine App for iPad that provides layers of detailed information about South African wines, including tasting notes for individual wines in synch with the hotel’s wine list.
The brief to the design team from the owner, Paul Harris, was to come up with a original concept for the wine gallery that had never been seen before. Harris wanted to create a space where guests and friends of Ellerman House could taste and appreciate the many fine wines produced in South Africa, while being inspired by world-class local architecture, sculptural art and design.  ‘The wine gallery is a work of art, rather than just a functional space,’ explains Harris. ‘I am truly delighted with the way the brief was interpreted.’
Designed by up-and-coming architect, Michael Dennett, the wine gallery and villa above it complements and honours the existing buildings, merging old and new, past and future. The wine gallery’s overall concept draws on the collaborative creative energy of, amongst others, architect Michael Dennett, artists Angus Taylor and Conrad Hicks, industrial designer Brian Steinhobel, and interior designers Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Southern Guild and Source (the wine gallery). Interior designer Robert Pollexfen was responsible for the villa’s interiors.
Ellerman House 25 NOV 026
25 November Launch

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