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The well-known art information hub e-flux has applied for the rights to develop and administer a new web domain that will be defined by the suffix .art. Thus far, e-flux is the only member of the arts community to apply for the administration rights, and all other applicants are from corporate and non-art-related contexts.

E-flux hopes that in acquiring these rights, it will be able to regulate and distribute the .art domain within the art world, emphasizing quality, content, and educational values in all .art websites.

The basis of their appeal is the organisation’s success in managing the e-flux announcement service for over a decade, an initiative that began in 1999 as an informal mailing list and gradually grew to become the most respected art information mailer in the world. In 2008 e-flux launched a free monthly journal whose readership extends globally. E-flux also publishes books, produces projects and exhibitions, and organizes lectures and seminars, all of which were made available to audiences internationally.

E-flux has also pledged in its application to re-distribute a significant part of the income produced by this business through grants and funding for art institutions and projects in places where such funding is lacking.

The organization is appealing to members of the international arts community for expressions of support for their application. For more information, or to view e-flux’s application, visit gtldresult.icann.org.

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