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A new Johannesburg exhibition and book showcase Deborah Bell’s collaborative printmaking from the last decade

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JOHANNESBURG, Dec. 8, 2010 — Over the last ten years artist Deborah Bell and publisher David Krut have collaborated
on print projects in South Africa, England and the United States. For the pair’s latest collaboration, on view at David Krut Projects in Parkwood and unfussily titled Collaborations II, Krut is showcasing work representative of the
different techniques Bell has explored at each studio.

The exhibition, which collects work produced at DKW in Johannesburg, Bell’s studio in Magaliesburg,
Robert Blackburn Print Workshop in New York and 107 Workshop in Wiltshire, offers viewers an insight into how
these techniques have allowed Bell to vary her creative process.

To accompany the exhibition, David Krut Publishing has produced Deborah
Bell’s Alchemy, a showcase of the last ten years of Bell’s collaborative
printmaking. The book highlights the start of Bell’s printmaking career alongside William
Kentridge and Robert Hodgins; it also expands on her recent engagements with international printmakers Jack Shirreff (107
Workshop) and Phil Sanders (Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop), as well as her work with DKW staff Jillian Ross, Mlungisi Kongisa and
Niall Bingham.

The exhibition runs through until
early February 2011 at David Krut Projects, with selected works on
exhibition at our locations at Arts on Main and Montebello
Design Centre, Newlands, Cape Town.

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