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Cape Town’s fifth annual expression of crowdsourced creativity, Creative Week Cape Town, is set for Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 September 2014.
Creative Week is a celebration of creativity, innovation and culture, set against the backdrop of the Loerie Awards and coordinated by Creative Cape Town, a project of the Cape Town Partnership.

IMG 1941

Led by photographer Ed Suter, a group explores street life in Cape Town’s city centre through the lens. Image: Jonx Pillemer, Creative Week 2013.

Creative Week serves as a platform for expression, involvement and experimentation across genres by all Capetonians and across all communities. Past activities have included public art tours, citizen inspired poetry and yoga in public spaces.
Each year Creative Week hinges around a central idea or theme. The 2014 call to action is Start Where You Are.
Says Cape Town Partnership CEO, Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana: “The notion of Start Where You Are is a simple statement that encourages people to make a change within their surroundings, without waiting for instruction or the ‘right’ time. To simply start where you are, use what you have, and make what you can holds the ultimate transformative power within our communities and ourselves. We aim to celebrate everyday creativity during Creative Week Cape Town and simultaneously champion the role the creative sector has in affecting change within our city.”
SydelleWillowSmith creativecape dayOne 21

As part of City Explorations, architect Mokena Makeka leads a group on an architectural tour of the CBD. Image: Sydelle Willow Smith, Creative Week 2013.

Makalima-Ngewana adds: “By aggregating our efforts and creating everything from street art to gallery exhibitions, demonstrations to lectures, parties to walking tours – Creative Week celebrates the city’s energy and diversity.”
The Start Where You Are theme of this year’s Creative Week echoes the Loerie Awards campaign Create. Affect. As Cape Town lives out its World Design Capital year positioned around design transforming lives, the notion of creativity as a change agent is taking centre stage.
CW2013 Promenade Poetry 20130918 CLisa Burnell for CTP 6
Poet Amy Kaye chalked prose for people passing by on Sea Point Promenade. Image: Lisa Burnell, Creative Week 2013
Says Makalima-Ngewana: “No one is going to change the world for us, we have to do it ourselves. If each of us can make one small change, we will feel its positive effect. Tapping into the collective energy of Creative Week makes starting that much easier.”
Not just for artists and photographers, Creative Week is an opportunity for agents, charities, clubs and educators to harness creative forms of expression to showcase their ideas.
The crowdsourced Creative Week programme will evolve over the forthcoming weeks as the people of Cape Town add their events to the Creative Week calendar, available here
Date: Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 September 2014
Venue: Throughout Cape Town
Cost: Mostly free; please note individual events may have costs
Website: www.creativeweek.co.za
Twitter: @CreativeCT
Instagram: @CreativeCT
Facebook: Facebook.com/creativecapetown
Use #CreativeWeek to share your experiences.
Watch what happened during Creative Week 2013 here.

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