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Inspiring thousands of men to break the cycle of silence.

Thousands of men inspired to break the cycle of silence and the status quo.

South Africa has the highest rate gender violence in the world. But there is one killer that’s lurked among us for generations. Silence. Society forces men to believe that silence means strength. And showing emotion is weak. Men who express their emotions in a healthy way, are 4 times less likely to commit women abuse.

Carling Black Label’s anti-GBV initiative, #NOEXCUSE, and their community-based partners Father-A-Nation
and Lifeline, have set out to break the cycle of silence. A cycle that is consuming our country from the inside, out. Champions for Change is an all-encompassing platform to help men heal. By giving them safe places to express themselves without judgement. Showing South Africa that the best way to “man up” is to “speak out”.

To inspire millions more to do the same, we needed to unite men on common ground – a place where they feel free to show emotion. The sports field. 6 visual artists and 6 #NOEXCUSE mentors who share a passion for creativity and community-building have been brought together. Together, they made art that embodied the 6 virtues of a Champion man.

The event will be taking place at Keyes Art Mile, Johannesburg, South Africa. The exhibition will be taking place from the 25th until the 10th of December 2022, with a special commemorative event on the 1st of December, 6pm (SAST). Follow the link to view the catalogue. For more information, please visit Keyes Art Mile and 6Virtues.

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