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Exit Mode is South African-born and Berlin-based painter Carla Busuttil’s first large solo exhibition in her home country, following a string of successes in Europe.

Born in 1982, Busuttil graduatedfrom Wits University in 2004 before enrolling for a Postgraduate Diploma at theRoyal Academy of Art in London. The world began to pay attention when CharlesSaatchi took a shining to Busuttil’s work and bought out her RCA graduate showin 2004. Since then she has gone on to win the Deutsche Bank Award (2008) andthe Jerwood Contemporary Painters Prize (2006), and was shortlisted for theSovereign Art Prize in 2011. The paintings in Exit Mode are loosely clustered around the notion of emigration,and the more general feeling of being ready to leave a place, a situation or people.

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