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LagosPhoto in collaboration with Canon CNA and Tenaui Africa


LagosPhoto is pleased to present the Canon Alumni Exhibtion, featuring the work of the participants from the 2016 – 2018 LagosPhoto and Canon Storytelling Workshops. LagosPhoto and Canon are jointly committed to inspiring and nurturing visual storytellers in the region through their careers. Join us Friday 31st August as we reflect on the landscape of photography in Nigeria and celebrate the achievements of these diverse, intriguing storytellers.


Temilade Adelaja (2017), Jimi Agboola (2017), Victor Agagwu (2018),Olajide Ayeni (2018), Nneka Iwuna Ezemzue (2016), Adedolapo George (2017), Benson Ibeabuchi (2018), Chris Onah Moses (2017),Oluwafemi Oso (2018), Ayodeji Ogunro ( 2018), Tobi Oyedokun (2018),Fawaz Oyedeji (2018), Elliot Ovadje (2017), Suzanne Obasi K (2017),Emmanuel Okeowo (2017), Anthony Obayomi (2016), Omoregie Osakpolor (2017), Damilola Onafuwa (2018), Sadiq Sarumi (2018),Stephen Yavala (2016)



LagosPhoto Festival partnered with Canon CNA in 2016 to host a free one week photography workshop based on visual imagery story telling. We worked with each participant to construct story proposals and research on their chosen subject matter. In addition to this technical training was provided to enhance and up-skill knowledge and skill-sets. By the end of the workshop each participant produces a suite of images for their portfolio, some of which you will see on display.


To register please follow this link.



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