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Students of Cape Town-based Arts Education Organization, Lalela Project celebrate South Africa’s 20 years of democracy with a new exhibition in the Lalela Project Gallery at One&Only, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Can you see the Future - 1
Featuring Lalela Project’s unique curricula, ‘The Art of Heart Maps’ and ‘The Art of Community Lines,’ this exhibition, titled ‘Can You See The Future?’ embraces our Art of Values: Always Inspire through Creativity; Re-imagine Challenge as Opportunity; and Trust we can be the Trailblazers of Change.
The exhibit challenges you to share your vision of what the future promises with South African youth, who have freely examined and expressed their culture, talents, challenges and future through the arts. Visitors to the gallery will be asked to share, in 20 words or less, their thoughts to the question, “After 20 Years of Democracy, what lies ahead?”
Your words will inspire Lalela Project Artists to create artwork on how you see the future of South Africa’s democracy.
Can you see the Future - 2
The Art of Heart Maps is a signature work of Lalela Project. Our artists connect with each other, mentors, and sometimes celebrities, to understand and celebrate differences and similarities across racial, gender and cultural lines. The four chambers of the heart become a metaphor of “what we come into earth with, our fears, challenges and how we can contribute to the world through our gifts and talents.” In this exhibit, Lalela project students were asked to look at their own hearts and how they could present them to you.  
The Art of Community Lines is a simple collaborative work that invites some students to draw simple lines they see in their community, and then pass those lines on to younger students to add colour and complete the piece. Lalela Project students participate in a curriculum of Ideas, Art and Music [I AM] with a creative process of Imagination, Activation, Collaboration and Transformation [I ACT].
Where: Lalela Project Gallery, Mezzanine Level, One&Only V&A Waterfront
When: The exhibition is currently showing until Mandela Day 2014 (18 July)
Queries: Oliver Nurock/ 083 777-2528
Curator: Susan Johnson
Lalela Project provides educational arts for at risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit.

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