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Be Part of the Greatmore Showcase 2013

Deadline for Reply 18 November 2013

Have you got a crazy idea in your head but need a space to show it? How can you push your genre to the edge of or beyond its limits? Greatmore’s recent Till it Breaks exhibition on 31 August 2013 was absolutely mind-blowing, so much so that we are doing it again, and inviting more participants to push ideas even further than before.

Once again, we ask for people to come up with challenging exhibition pieces which stretch the boundaries of art. Is the avant-garde conventional? When is ‘noise’, music? What can a dentist and a tattoo artist come up with? How can an MC and a masseuse use a space? A cello player and a krump/breakdancer? Is a stage a sculpture? How do you collaborate with no-one? When is a performance a performance? A construction worker and a yogi? A gum-boot dancer, a print-maker and a magician? Experimental hula-hooping? What isn’t film? How can you think about engineering, dress-making, and medicine differently? What can you do with poetry or cooking that is not normally done? What is not aesthetic? Is boxing art or is it a performance? Can you think of a way of using Greatmore’s space innovatively? Do you want to bring your skills and work with someone in a different discipline to try out something new, fresh and thought provoking?


Submit your idea on email; info@greatmoreart.org, or bring a sketch/written idea to Zipho Dayile, telephone 021 4479699, address 47 and 49 Greatmore Street, Woodstock, before midnight on Monday 18 November 2013.

Please also give us these few following details – Who are you and what do you do? How might your idea push the limits of your genre/ is cross-disciplinary/ experimental? If you plan a collaboration, who are you working with and what do they do? – as well as your contact and any other information that might be relevant.


Saturday 7 December is GREATMORE STUDIO SHOWCASE 2013 included in the ARTS WALK and ARTS WEEK broader Cape Town Arts events. The Showcase includes Resident and Visiting Artist’s open studios, and this year, we will open our gallery, courtyard (and other spaces) to experimental, cross-disciplinary or collaborative artistic pieces for a collaboratively organised one-day exhibition. We particularly encourage collaborations across different backgrounds and disciplines.

18 November – deadline for submissions.
19 & 20 November – selection process.
21 November – response to applicants.
23 November – 1st workshop / meeting / collaboration potential
30 November – 2nd workshop / tryouts
7 December – Open to Public.


Image – Odd Enjinears – Vee Eye Eye

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