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Are you a curator of modern or contemporary art from Africa willing to develop your professional skills by attending the CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern and Contemporary Art) Annual Conference?

Casa Esment, Palma. Courtesy of CIMAM.

Apply for a Travel Grant supported by Mercedes Vilardell, Getty Foundation and Eloisa Haundenschild.

CIMAM offers around 6 travel grants to African professionals funded by Mercedes Vilardell, Getty Foundation, and Eloisa Haundenschild to support the attendance of contemporary art curators, directors, and museum professionals from all around the world at CIMAM’s 2023 Annual Conference titled “The Co-Creative Museum: Social Agency, Ethics, and Heritage” will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 9 to 11 November 2023.


Grants are addressed to modern and contemporary art museum directors and curators in need of financial help to attend CIMAM’s Annual Conference. Researchers and independent curators whose field of research and specialisation is contemporary art theory, collections, and museums, and most of their field of professional activity is related to the functions of an art museum, are also eligible.

Applicants should not be involved in any kind of commercial or for-profit activity.

While professionals of all career levels are encouraged to apply, priority is given to junior directors and curators (with less than 10 years of experience). Candidates who have previously received CIMAM grants from the same grant contributor may only be considered for a new grant after 3 years since the previous grant was awarded – unless the grant received was online. In that case, they are eligible to apply again.

Awarded candidates benefit from unique networking opportunities through interaction and exchange with international museum directors and peers. Travel grantees become Members of CIMAM for the term they have been awarded.

The deadline to apply is June 11 at 00:00 hrs. CEST.

If you would like to know more about the application process, click here.

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