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AKKA Project is has announced the fifth and final chapter of the ‘African Identities’, group exhibition. For Chapter 5, the gallery is showcasing works by Gonçalo Mabunda, Reinata Sadimba, Filipe Branquinho, Margaret Ngigi and Peter Mukhaye.

Filipe Branquinho, Bestia XX, 2020. Courtesy of the artist & AKKA Project.
Filipe Branquinho, Bestia XX, 2020. Courtesy of the artist & AKKA Project.

These talented artists come from a fresh new wave of creativity which interacts with the Continent tradition, but at the same time explores different social themes and narratives that characterise contemporary African society. On the occasion of the 59th Venice Art Biennale, AKKA Project’s main aim with African Identities exhibitions, is to promote contemporary art from Africa to a wider international public.

Gonçalo Mabunda is a contemporary artist living and working in Maputo, Mozambique. Gonçalo is extremely attentive to the collective memory of his country of origin, recently upset by a long civil war. From the deactivated weapons collected in 1992 during the war, Mabunda realizes anthropomorphic figures from pistols and rocket launchers, representing the power of art and creativity of the African community.

Reinata Sadimba was born in 1945 in Homba, Mozambique, from a Makonde family. Reinata is actually considered one of the most important women artists in the African continent; as a sculptor, the artist realizes human figures and social scenes, starting from the traditional processing of pottery.

Filipe Branquinho is a multi-disciplinary artist, educated as an architect, but then focused on his career as a photographer and graphic illustrator. Deeply connected to the artistic and journalistic atmosphere of Mozambique, which he comes from, Branquinho creates his works fusing together portraits and landscapes views, proposing important meditations on contemporary African society.

Margaret Ngigi is a talented photographer from Kenya. Women have always been and still are the focus of the artistic and stylistic process by Ngigi, who is a passionate feminist, committed with other social themes such as mental illness, to which the artist dedicated some of her photographic projects.

Peter Mukhaye is a young self-taught conceptual photographer, born in Nairobi, Kenya. His artistic trait develops around African Futurism, and it focuses on deep concepts, such as sustainability, mental illness, and the emancipation of African culture in the world.

The exhibition is on view from the 31st of October until 27th of November 2022. For more information, please visit AKKA Project.

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