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58th La Biennale di Venezia: Golden Lion’s announced

Awards of the 58th International Art Exhibition Venice, May 11th, 2019

The Jury of the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, comprising Stephanie Rosenthal (President of the Jury, Germany), Defne Ayas (Turkey/The Netherlands),Cristiana Collu (Italy)Sunjung Kim (Korea), and Hamza Walker (USA), has decided to present the following awards:

Golden Lion for Best National Participation:

Lithuania: Sun & Sea (Marina) (Lina Lapelyte, Vaiva Grainyte and Rugile Barzdziukaite)

Commissioner: Rasa Antanaviciute. Curator: Lucia Pietroiusti.

A special mention has been awarded to the following National Participation:

Belguim: Mondo Cane (Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys)

Commissioner: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Curator: Anne-Claire Schmitz.

Golden Lion for the Best Participant in the International Exhibition ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’ to Arthur Jafa for his 2019 film The White Album. which, in equal measure, is an essay, a poem and portraiture. Jafa uses appropriated and original footage to reflect upon the issue of race. Just as the film critiques a moment fraught with violence, in tenderly portraying the artist’s friends and family, it also speaks to our capacity for love.

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💔The White Album, #ArthurJafa 🙌🏽

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The Jury has decided to award two special mentions to the following participants: Teresa Margolles (Mexico) Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria).Teresa Margolles for her sharp and poignant works that deal with the plight of women grossly affected by the narcotics trade in her native Mexico, and for creating powerful testimonies by shifting existing structures from the real world into the Exhibition Halls. Otobong Nkanga for her ongoing and inspired exploration across media into the politics of land, body and time.

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#EzRepost @rcembalest with @ezrepostapp Meanwhile at the Venice biennial 2019… @OtobongNkanga with her piece "Veins Aligned,” an epic line of Murano glass and marble. Behind, works by @zanelemuholi. At left, @labienale staff member activate @augustasserapinas’ “Chair for the invigilator (white),” 2019. #MayYouLiveInInterestingTimes #BiennaleArte2019 #OtobongNkanga #ZaneleMuholi #AugustasSerapinas #ralphrugoff @labiennale @rugoffralph "Veins Aligned" unfolds in space following a chromatic rhythm, an artery that runs the length of the architecture. The centrality of the notion of the ‘body’ in Nkanga’s thinking resonates deeply with the work, Veins Aligned, a 26 meter sculpture composed of strata of glass and marble from the Lasa quarries, both materials having been crafted in collaboration with local experts in Bolzano, Italy. It is a sculpture that evokes the deep feeling that Nkanga’ nurses for matter, i.e. the urge to produce a continuity between materials that can function as a support structure as well as recognizing all its layers as carriers of situated knowledge; from the skin and its desired lustre through the complex molecular structure with its geotechnological properties. It is a knowledge that deserves to be excavated while also making visible how every process of extraction runs the risk of becoming capital extraction and potentially also a violent act towards a body, be it of humans, materials, or lands. Extract – text Emanuele Guidi I would like thank you for making it possible for this work to exist @emanueleguidi @lasamarmo #argekunst #alessandrocuccato #alessandrapiazza @glassartdesigdicuccatoalessandro @wvd56 #saygelschreibergioberti Thank you @lumentravogallery @galerieinsitu @mendeswooddm for all your suppport. Thank you to the amazing team of the Venice Biennial for making this happen. @jessicacerasi The summit of Mount Everest is marine limestone […] Only a prejudice could make us think the earth beneath our feet was not alive. Quote – Teju Cole

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The Exhibition is open to the public and can be viewed until 24th November.