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The Ernest Cole Award is now bi-annual! This the 4th award named in honour of committed photographer Ernest Cole and his legacy, dedicated to creative photographic responses to South African society. The Award supports an existing body of work in progress. The successful applicant will receive a grant to complete a book and exhibition.

STORY Ernest Cole Award

The Ernest Cole Photographic Award was initiated under the auspices of the University of Cape Town, and offers a unique opportunity for photographers to complete an existing project. The award, named after documentary photographer Ernest Cole, has been made possible by the generous support of the Peter Brown, Gavin Relly Educational and Kirsh Family Trusts, ORMS, and the John Liebenberg Hip Op Fund. The winning photographer will receive R150 000 with which to complete the project, have an exhibition and publish a book thereof. The Ernest Cole Photographic Award has been established to stimulate creative work in photography in South Africa. The emphasis will be on creative responses to South African society. It is open to anyone whose work focuses on South African society, with preference being given to people living within the country. The purpose of the Award is to support the realisation of a significant body of work that the photographer has been engaged with. The Award will be managed by the UCT Libraries.

Applications need to be in by 12 June 2015.

See here for more details.

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