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100 Good Ideas: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy embraces South African creativity. From iconic people and worthwhile innovations to inspiring designs and useful trends, the 100 good ideas presented in this book are as extraordinary as they are diverse.


Underpinning all of them is the will to do good, whether it is by living according to the most democratic constitution in the world, listening to the unique sounds of kwaito, enjoying locally crafted beer or supporting the important work of South Africa’s change agents. 100 Good Ideas focuses on what makes African creativity a distinctive, valuable resource, celebrating its commitment to goodness.

‘Good ideas contain unfathomable journeys. Good ideas exceed those who generate them. Good ideas are for the greater good … Good ideas are good because they can be connected to other good ideas.’

– Brendon Bell-Roberts & Ashraf Jamal

100 Good Ideas: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy is one of the flagship projects endorsed by the World Design Capital 2014 Commitee and will be launched at Deisgn Indaba, Cape Town Convention Centre, Foreshore, Cape Town on Saturday 1 March 2014.

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